FirmTech Inc. Celebrates Pride Month

BOZEMAN, Mont., May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- This June, and every month, the FirmTech team celebrates Pride. Designed by an expert team of urologists and bio-engineers, our Performance Ring and Tech Ring can enhance the bedroom experience for all men. The unique and effective Performance Ring can help men stay harder, longer, and even have better orgasms. While it functions as a traditional cock ring by restricting blood flow back into the body and improving sensation during sex, oral sex, and masturbation,it also features a patented loop-and-hook design for easy on and off, whether flaccid or erect. Unlike tauter silicone or metal found in most erection rings, FirmTech's device uses an adaptable and adjustable elastomer. This gives our rings one-size-fits-all comfort.

"I never want to take it off!", said our first gay tester. Our rings can be worn for hours if desired. Our second gay user stated, "This is the best cock ring I have ever used, and I have used many."

But FirmTech didn't stop there. For June, we are introducing the revolutionary Tech Ring. In this age of wrist and ring wearables for health data, the Tech Ring embeds smart sensor technology into its erection ring. This is the world's first "underwearable" exclusively for men. Worn overnight, it can count the number of nocturnal erections, which are linked to cardiovascular health. Worn during sex, it tracks the duration of erections and firmness. These are the vital signs of a man's most vital organ. "A tool for the tool," noted one of our urologists. The Tech Ring connects via Bluetooth when placed back on its charger (with no risk of radiation to our favorite organ). The phone app is as easy to use as the device itself.  

Urologists often remark, "The penis is the canary in the coal mine of vascular disease." By age 50, over 50% of men will experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and those rates increase 10% every decade after. The Tech Ring can help men to track their erectile fitness – its reflection of vascular health - and share that data with their partners and physicians. It can help men evaluate the impact of medications, supplements, and recreational drugs on a man's erectile fitness. Many men who have suffered a heart attack or stroke report ED symptoms in the years prior.  Regular sex can decrease cardiovascular and cancer risks, while also offering a plethora of mental health benefits: lower anxiety and stress, increased happiness in relationships, and improve confidence. With FirmTech, not only will you enhance your sexual experience, but you'll also improve your health.

Stay Firm; Stay Fit

This Pride Month, the FirmTech team invites you to try out products with a special discount code (Pride2022) when you visit

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